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Jam Bands

What could be more fun than jamming out with your fellow musician friends? Jam Band is a fun, collaborative class where kids ages 5-16 develop beginning music influences by playing songs with their band. Learning and practicing music can sometimes be a solitary experience, with lots of time spent practicing on your own. It is a valuable experience for young musicians to take the instrumental skills they’re learning on their own and combine forces with others. Our Jam Bands play a variety of styles and genres. Since our ensemble is ever-changing and unique, there’s no limit to the kind of music we can explore together!


Ages 5 - 16 divided by level and experience

Times / Day

Jam Band 101

Saturdays 2:30 - 3:30pm

Jam Band 2.0

3:30 - 4:30pm


6 weeks


Vocals, keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, violin, uke, percussion, & more!

Jam Band vs Private Lessons

In order to be in Jam Band, you must be actively enrolled as a student taking private music lessons at our studio.

While students in private lessons focus on one instrument, students in Jam Bands play a variety of instruments throughout the year. Many students will conclude the program with a specific passion for an instrument they didn’t know about when they started. They might not have developed the technique yet to express themselves fully on the instrument, but they’re fired up to learn more! Jam Band 101 is for beginner students and Jam Band 2.0 is for more intermediate to advanced students.

Why Jam Band?

Jam Band is inspiring, fun, and creative. Students in Jam Bands will:

Learn to communicate through music
Build confidence in their creativity
Practice teamwork and communicating with others
Find an instrument that excites them
Learn basic techniques on all the instruments
Make friends by finding joy in music!

Ready to get started?

Take the next step call 561-877-2435 now to grab a great lesson time as space is limited. Or you can request more info.

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